There's a timelag between doing an edit and it being completed!

This is a repeat of a comment in another Bug Report strand.

Been there. done than and i’ve got the T shirt!

To the credit of the Pencil2D Team their software runs on a wide variety of hardware, from vintage 32 bit machines to the latest high speed multi core ones.

When using slower computers, sometimes there’s a lag between the user taking an action and the computer completing the action!

Some animation packages signal this by either greying out the play button or displaying a warning message on screen, something like “Frames being rendered” and a time bar, as a warning.

I’ve had a simular problem, I drew a simple animation with four layers including a background, which was a PNG file containing a photograph. I flipped the background layer on the X axix. This is a simple action from a human perspective, but a complex one when implemented in software.

The realisation started to dawn because, when I attempted to play the aniamtion for a second and third time. Easvh time it played more frames correctly.

Remember Pencil2D has to playback animation in editor mode at a resonable speed. To acheive this it has to do some preprocessing am this takes a finit time, When I realised my mistake, I was too impatient, I simply waired a few more sec onds and Pencil2D sorted out the problem.

In these situations the more the user attempts to sort out the problem, by making requests to Pencil2D the more work that is Pilled onto the tasks that Pencil2D is attempting to do. This can make the situation much worse.

I realised this because of my extensive hardware and software experience.

This also chimes with remarks from other Pencil2D users on filling in for undefined frames, the animator may be drawing on two’s or three’s.

If the development team are using very powerful computers and they also understand what going on in the background, they would wait to allow Pencil2D to catch up with itself. But many users use low power computers and don’t appreciate what’s ha[[ening behind the scenes.

They get a glitch and panic and then possibly they try to save their work and overload the computer, thus causing a crash!

My grandmother who never ised a computer always told me to “use more speed and less haste”, meaning take a little time to think, rather than trying to solve the problem instantly. I think that her sentiments are correct!

Thank you for your input.

Pencil2D is missing a preview feature. Currently the playback is done “raw” so images are cached into the computer memory and presented at the rate of caching.

We have mentioned before that it is important to playback once or twice to let the software caches the images, and then play it afterwards for a better experience.

The sound delay is a separate problem that, to my knowledge, can only be solved by creating a preview feature. Which is why every other app in the market has said feature.

Audio scrubbing & video export do accurately present the sound on the timeline, but normal playback doesn’t.

The problem here is time and resource allocation, not willingness to implement it, so I hope everyone can understand that we too acknowledge the need for such feature.

p.s. The dev team only has moderate computers. I personally have a 12 year old computer that’s dated 2 hardware generations. So I don’t think it’s only a matter of getting faster hardware, but an impossibility that requires intelligent programming to respond to users demands.

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Thank you Jose for your information on the internal data format.

Your second point, I previously didn’t notice these comments, I only human, I do not see everything.

I understand the problems around sound and find sound scrubbing and exporting the project as an .mp4 file works well.

I understand the time and resources are constrained, so I don’t expect a quick fix.

I’m sorry, for the miss understanding, I though you probably had a high spec machine.

I made the comments that I did because probably, having a semi responsive computer can causes concer, if you don’t understand that lags may occur. Perhaps some users may panic and may loose work as a result.

Your suggestion of using the play function several times until it plays correctly is probably the short term solution.

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