the Magician

This is my attempt to make a short, but complete animation story using only free animation software, currently Pencil2D (for animation) and Blender (for compositing). Hope you like it!

Very nice and meticulously animation, Pierrot! It’s almost realistic in its movement! Impressive!

Some movements should be a little bit faster to add dynamics but it looks cool!

@pierrot This is really nice! as Sfepa says, varying the contrast between fast and slow movements will give more vitality to your animation. For example when he hits his hats several times and a lot of objects appear over his head, you can put emphasis on the rythm, like since he becomes more nervous everytime, his movements should be faster and when he rests after not having anything over his head, he takes a deep breath and relaxes.

Anyway keep up the great work!.

Thanx to all people! Yes I see all my mistakes for now. When I drew this animation, I had two goals. The first is to make some complete story with frame-by-frame animation technique. And the second one is to stimulate the development process and improvement of my favorite animation editor. I hope, it will do!