The entry point _callnewh can't be found

i need help, i was downloading Pencil2D 64 bit when a message saying “Entry point _callnewh not found” popped up hoping someone can help with this

@Sternhook880 Did this message appeared when you were downloading the file or when you tried to open Pencil2D?

Also, did anything else appear in the message? like the name of a file with .DLL at the end ?

The message appears when I try to open the application.

there was a pop up for a .dll but I fixed that. Thanks for asking though. I just need help on the _callnewh pop up

@Sternhook880 I’m not well versed in Windows errors, but googling the first message you mentioned prompted me t ask about the DLL because it seems there is a “dynamic library linking” error associated with the “_callnewh” message. I’ll tag a developer to see if they can help you better.

@chchwy Hey, do you know anything about the windows error mentioned in this thread? Is it possible that you can help us with some insights on this?

@Sternhook880 could you please post a picture of the said error message.

You know what it’s fine I’ll just do something else thank you though

You don’t have to help

Not being rude

@Sternhook880 Well, no problem, no offense taken. Just so you know CandyFace is a Pencil2D dev so he was trying to help as well. Ideally if you can please send us a screenshot to see what is the exact error so they can investigate the root cause in order to help people that like you might have a similar issue.

If you want to use a different software though, we’re cool with that and we can recommend you to stop by our blog where we have a list of several other free and commercial apps that you could try to use to create animation, hope it helps :slight_smile: :

It looks like one of the Visual Studio DLL is not installed correctly. I guess your are using Windows 7, right?

@Sternhook880 Did you download any DLL from some DLL website?

@Sternhook880 Sorry if you felt I was being rude, that was not my intention.

it really would help though if you posted a screenshot of the error message.
Usually messages such as that will come with more information about the problem, for example a missing dll or similar.

You also mentioned that you had another error message prior to that one, what .dll did you use there to fix that?