The chchwy-pencil2d Folder ?


I am using the software wich is a very intuitive tool.
I am a Graphic Designer, I don’t know if I could help with anything…

By the way as the title of this post says I downloaded this folder full of stuff and I dont know how to use it… maybe it is full of scripts or something useful… it’s about 20 Mb.

>>>> chchwy-pencil2d-40b38a2143fd <<<<

libwin32, test and many other folders are inside but no .exe to run Pencil…



That folder full of stuff is the source code for Pencil2D (specifically for the chchwy branch of Pencil2D). You can’t run the code directly; it must be compiled into binary form first, which requires development files and programs for your operating system as well as for the toolkit and other supporting files that Pencil2D uses. There is a (probably outdated) thread in this Compiling & Development forum that explains what is required, but i’m not sure how useful it is now…I haven’t successfully compiled it since February.

If you want to try a version that’s already compiled, look here:

I see.

Yes, that’s the one i have.

Thanks for answering !