Thanks for all the hard work!

I’m really looking forward to using it :slight_smile: I’ll be happy to test (though I’m a beginner animator so nothing spectacular will arise from it)

Thanks so much for picking it up! Finding out it has been revived really made my day!

You’re welcome @dia

Have a nice day!

I too would like to thank you for taking on pencil. After trying your fork I was very impressed. Made me excited and hopeful about the future of animation software on linux.
Thanks to some recent patches (from arch linux users, now in git too) pencil2d compiles successfully on my system. So now I can stay up to date with your latest builds :slight_smile:


If you are having problems with .pcl loading, you can download source code from here

I am using manjaro, which is an arch linux based distro. This allows me to easily build the latest source code with “yaourt pencil2d-git” - it pulls a build script from AUR and runs it. I still have to manually edit the script not to include the patches at AUR every time i run it. Hopefully the author will notice my comment and change it.

There have been no problems in loading files so far and the new zipped format is really nice too :smiley:
It’s good to hear that you guys are squashing bugs!