Tablet compatibilities

Does “XP-PEN ARTIST 22” work with this program?

@illannadp One of our contributors mentioned the XP-Pen Artist 22e pro works well with Pencil2D. Make sure you download the drivers off the internet to have up to date hardware functionality.

However in the event that it doesn’t work, we can provide you with a list of alternate software to try out that is also free. Let us know what happens :slight_smile:

@illannadp XP-PEN Artist 22 work great with Pencil2D, but only on Windows and Mac. There are unofficial drivers for Linux, but I haven’t tried them yet.
My first drawing tablet was a Ugee 1910b, and it works too with Pencil2D, so my guess is that Pencil2D works with all drawing tablets that have pressure sensitivity, and that is pretty much everyone.