SVG icons

Hi, I think it could be a great idea (but maybe not the most urgent one) to have SVG icons in Pencil2D instead of the ones there is actually.

I searched a little on the internet, found some sources of inspirations:

Also, I suggest to keep the actual software icon (eventually update it) coz’ I like the “pencil” look of it (it’s kind of a draft, which would match the software philosophy)

What do u think of it ?

I was going to make a new topic, but I feel like this applies here as far as an updated software icon goes. I just decided to brainstorm with possible changes. I mean, I love the stubby pencil but I just thought it would be fun since the fork. And now that it’s called Pencil2D. These are pretty rough gray-scales, full color would come later if anyone likes these. And I would also be interested in working on the SVGs if no one else is.

Those are really nice illustrations (icons) I should say!

I would go with the bouncing ball-pencil illustration as the idea to implement.

Thanks for your work

Thanks @kaiko!

I will be uploading an updated version of the bouncing ball then. I will have one implementing the paper and ball together. One without the hand and then another with a different hand I suppose.

I will also attempt a sleeker solid body look as well so it can go along with the icons that gordie posted.

Off to work!