Staging aninmations

I have been searching the net to find a piece of software that you could use to stage an animation (not sure that’s the correct english word)

I now know how to use pecil2D and I could animate characters, but I need a piece of software where I can setup the whole animation. For example load all characters onto a scene. I know Blender probably is the best alternative but it seems extremely complex, and I haven’t found a good tutorial.

There’s lots of tutorial that takes 2D characters and rig them in Blender and make them move, but in my case my 2D characters would be 2d bitmap drawings and I don’t know if it’s wise to use Blender then. Windows Movie Maker is too simple and can’t do the job.

If someone remembers Amiga and Deluxe Paint IV, Deluxe Paint V then that’s kind of what I’m looking for. You could load animation brushes and tell them where from they start and where to move and with how many frames they should move, and the walk cycle would be placed onto the scene automatically. Then you’d load the next animbrush and the next and so on…

I know Cosmigo Pro Motion but I’m not sure it’s good enough, it’s maybe not so advanced.

I’m grateful if I could get some advice.



Synfig Studio is supposed to be good…it breaks my mind whenever i try to do anything with it, but maybe it would make some sense to you. Personally I haven’t found any other free software that is capable of doing full projects (other than Blender, as you said, but i see Blender as being not very much fun for 2D). I’m back to using Flash for my current project, even though i’ve been trying for years to stay away from it.