Some of the tools aren't working on my drawing tablet

when ever i try to use my drawing tablet on pencil, only the pencil tool works and i have to keep switching over to my mouse if i want to erase or use another tool. is this a bug or is it just my tablet also is pencil compatible with the xp-pen deco pro?

@personwithrice Hi. Welcome to the forum. As far as I know Pencil2D is compatible with the XP Pen brand since a few of the developers have this brand among a few others to test.

Pencil2D does not have any way of disabling specific tools based on the hardware you’re using. That’s not how it works.

When this kind of behaviour occurs it’s usually a problem with how the drawing pad interacts with the operating system through their drivers (software that helps the OS understand the signals from the graphics tablet).

If you’re using a recent MacOS version, make sure your drivers are up to date, but if you’re using BigSur and a M1 computer, I don’t think Pencil2D fully supports that. I’ll have to ask the developers and get back to you…

If you’re using Windows OS however you need to know that Windows 10 and above changed the way they all tablet brands are to be interacted with (this happened since 2018) and users have two choices:

  1. To use the driver software configuration utility bundled with your drawing tablet and check a box that disables :negative_squared_cross_mark: Windows Ink Since this tries to access the legacy windows driver configuration (WINTAB), this will affect Pencil2D by making it lose pressure sensitivity.

    To get it back you’ll have to edit the app properties compatible with an older version of Windows via the compatibility tab configuration.

  2. To configure and use the generic Windows Ink interface so drawing tablets can be better adapted to the operating system but still lose some of their flexibility while drawing. While pressure sensitivity will be kept it will bring a reduced number of pressure levels, though this is often unnoticeable even by pro artists.


So what to do? Depending on the path you want to take please read this reply where both solutions are outlined in more detail.

Even though the answer was originally for a user with a WACOM model it should work the same for every other drawing tablet out there.

I recommend trying out the Windows Ink configuration solution first. If this doesn’t work the look into how to disable Windows Ink via your XP Pen configuration utility.

Also make sure to review the FAQ for XP PEN Deco Pro S/M in case you are experiencing similar problems.

Let us know what works and what didn’t so we can provide additional advice.

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