some of my projects made w/ pencil : a space adventure and some minecraft stuff

first, I’d like to thank all of you who developped this program :slight_smile: since i think this program is great and am really grateful for it to be free, i usually advertise it as much as possible in my animation. (in the forum posts, usually) anyway, here are two of my projects :

its about minecraft. it has alot of rough adges, some parts were done a long time ago.

is there a changelog about the different versions of pencil on this site? maybe i missed it, but it would be nice if there was :slight_smile:

give me your honest opinion about my work , i’ll be grateful for that :slight_smile:





Whow. I’m amazed. :slight_smile: This was very cool, You really got talent putting together all those cut scenes into these two beautiful short animations. Love your timing and action in both of your animations… Please don’t stop I want to see more from you.

Thanks for the inspiration you gave

@doryfor you have a great sense of cinematography! a rare sight these days. Both works were so neatly put together, it’s commendable! Thank you for using Pencil, but stay tuned as hopefully a new (better) version will come in the next weeks /months. Hope to continue to hang around here! :slight_smile:

Well done! your animation skills are very good! Thanks a lot for sharing!

wow! thank you guys:) i’ll post some more upcoming stuff here, as I appreciate your reviews :smiley: . I’m looking forward to the niew version of pencil!

I like your animations. Great job!

hello guys!

here’s a new episode of my minecraft series, made with pencil, of course! ( and Gimp for the backgrounds )