Some main necessities atm

I just heard of this program and it’s looking very promising. However, I noticed a few simple but annoying problems with it. Maybe people are well aware of all of them, but I can’t find any kind of common requests or to-do lists or anything. (there should be a to-do list :P)

I know the forum says to make one thread per thing, but I don’t want to completely spam up the forum with small things.

      Zooming. I have no idea what zoom level I am at. That is very bad for raster animation.
Solution: add the current zoom percentage somewhere (new "tool bar" like the tools/options/colors bars?).
      Whenever I duplicate a keyframe, my tool switches over to the move tool. It's really annoying. It used to happen when adding a new empty keyframe too, but it stopped somehow. (I think when I switched over to the dev build)
Solution: always keep the tool you had selected unless very good reason for switching.
      No kind of cut/move tools. There doesn't seem to be any way to cut and/or move things, I think that's a very important tool to have when working on animation.
Solution: add cut and/or move tool. A way to move the whole contents of a single frame would be OK for now.
      No way to move or resize imported pics? When I import an image, it seems to automatically get slapped to the middle and that's it. I don't mind if it gets rasterized, but there should be some way to adjust it's position/size in the beginning.
Solution: treat the image as a box that can be moved around and resized, and then finally rasterized. Optionally keep it as an object (and add some kind of objects system to the program) so that it won't get smudged if you want to enlarge it.
      Brush tool smoothness. It seems to act like a "hard round" brush, the most basic digital brush at between 2 and 3 feather. (better and smoother than pencil tool) This isn't a problem per se, but it is very unintuitive to seek that position whenever I want a normal hard edge line. Same with the eraser tool.
Solution/suggestion: add a "reset" button to set the feather to ~3.
      No pixel brush. This is probably off topic of the whole purpose of the program, but I think it would be nice to have a pixel brush just for that niche. A tool that draws 100% sharp pure colored pixels, kind of like what the brush tool might be at 0 feather.
Solution: add a 0 feathering option to the brush, a new tool isn't needed this way. (unless the brush engine doesn't work that way, but you could make the program automatically switch tools if you go from 0.2 to 0 feather)
      Export window allows you to change the size, but it doesn't keep the aspect ratio. It's very difficult to scale the animation without distorting it.
Solution: when you change the height or width, adjust the other one so that it keeps the aspect ratio of the animation. I can't think of any situation in which you would want to squish/stretch the whole thing.
      The pink outline cuts through the screen when I go to the bottom left corner.
Solution: Pink outline does not cut through the screen.
      The camera layer is somewhat confusing, because you can't tell what the current/default zoom level is, or where the x/y origin is. Also, you can't see where the screen is while drawing. Additionally I have no idea what it actually does, because the export doesn't use it. I'm assuming it's a work in progress so I'm not going to suggest anything.

My main problem right now is the camera, it is very confusing to work with. I need an outline to know where to position things, an outline that is independent of the screen and stays exactly where I originally set it. The pink outline sort of works I guess, but you can’t adjust it’s size without changing the entire application window which is kind of silly. Also the export doesn’t actually use it unless you reset your view to it.

I’m really hoping to see this project become more polished and everything. :slight_smile: I’ve been looking for an animating program to start doing simple animations with, and this might be it.

Too bad I only know web development so I can’t really help much with this. I guess I can contribute by making animations and reporting bugs though haha.

Thank you @tsun_mint, all suggestions are valuable for us, we’ll add these items into our to-do list.