[solved] No pressure while using any of the tools at all

Yo. I’ve used Pencil2d before and have no problems with this on my previous laptop. But for some reason when I download it on my new HP PC, none of the pressure tools work. Even if I toggle pressure, it just looks like a basic no-pressure stroke. I’ve tried restarting the PC, re-downloading the app, and resetting my tablet, but nothing is working. It’s weird cuz, it’s not my tablet at all. I have, like, 3 other apps that I use my tablet with and the pressure is just fine on those. I downloaded the 32-bit(I think that’s what it’s called) on my older laptop and it worked fine. Now that I have a faster PC I tried getting the 64-bit. And yes, I even tried downloading the 32-bit on my current PC. Nothing is working and I REALLY wanna get back to animating! Can someone PLEASE help a young animator get back to her…animating?? Please and thanks. =]

@MonkeyBomb Hi. In order to help you better can you tell us some basic info:

  1. What version of Pencil2D are you using. Please let us know what the download zip file says (e.g pencil2d-win64-0.6.2.zip) and also go to help > about and use the “copy to clipboard” feature to copy and paste the info.
  2. What tablet brand do you have and what model is it?
  3. And are you using the latest drivers for that tablet?
  1. pencil2d-win64-0.6.2.zip

2.Huion Model H640P

  1. And I don’t know.

@MonkeyBomb Ok, we’ve had other people with HUION tablet issues but never as extreme as for not having pressure.

  1. Please download Pencil2D development build form October 14th 2018 which has more fixes than the version you have and it has comparative stability.
    [Win] 64bits: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-kZs1-OMhX8E2bc4rYLcP8hCkJH-2-4B/view?usp=sharing
    Test if you issue is solved only with this. If not go to point No.2

  2. Please download the latest drivers for your HUION 640P this is a direct link taken form their website:

  3. Read on the following answer by one of our developers to enable the “linear optimizer” options for HUION if your new drivers have that option available Difficulty with Tablet
    If point No.2 & 3 didn’t work go to No.4

  4. If after doing all of this your issue is not solved, I’m afraid there’s little we can do for the moment so all I can do is to recommend other programs so you can continue animating.

Here’s a list of of other software that we have reviewed and are recommended, both free and commercial but form those I can recommend Krita as it shouldn’t be as difficult to use as Pencil2D despite having more tools.


Of course since we’re interested in improving the software this year we will try our best to work out any HUION or graphics tablet related issues, but it will take time and we’re also interested that young animators like yourself can continue their work with as little hassle as possible, so hopefully once there’s a definitive fix I’ll tag you again here to let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

HA! It worked! Thanks a lot for your help. =D

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@MonkeyBomb Hey, glad to hear it! did it work only with the development build or was the driver update that did it? If possible let us know so other people with your issue can benefit form this interaction :blush: