[SOLVED] Help Please?

Ok so you know how when you right click on the Pencil 2D file and go to “Properties” there is an “Open with:” option (under “Type of File:”)? Well it somehow “opens” with Windows Media Player instead of the file it’s suppose to open with… Idk how it changed, but I can’t open my file and Idk what it’s suppose to open with. I tried re-downloading Pencil 2D but to no avail… Help?! I’m using Windows 7 btw.

Windows always relies on the filename extension (.pcl) to determine how to open a file when you double-click on it. I’m guessing Windows assumes a PCL is something other than a pencil document (maybe a printer file) and is using what it thinks is the most appropriate.

File associations in Windows are typically not a big problem to fix. When you “open with”, you should have the option to browse for a program to use, and by making sure the “always use this program” is enabled it should permanently set the file association.

If for some reason the association goes back to Media Player, it probably means that program is configured to automatically reset associations. If that’s the case you’ll need to go into WMP preferences and change that, and then probably set the association to Pencil2D again.

OMG! Thank you! It was such an easy fix. XD

Yay! I have my project back! TT_TT