[SOLVED] Developer Timezones

I’ve been in ##pencil2d on irc.freenode.net and nobody has said a thing

I’m in PST.

What timezones are all of the developers in?

@derek_saif I don’t think many of us use the IRC to be honest (but we should!!!) I’m not exactly a Dev but I did say I was going to be more active nowadays. I’m on EST (GMT -5 to be exact) by the way.

I’m going to ramble for a moment so we can find a great way to communicate between each other for these kind of things. I’m counting you guys to propose stuff as well.

I’ve been thinking of having either:
a) A facebook group for developers only or pencil2D users in general

b) A google hangout (which can always stay open) for devs to come and go. The advantage of the last one is that you can share your screen use webcam and microphone, contrary to IRC. The downside is that you can’t have more than 10 people at once.


c) A system that can send the messages straight to your phones or whatever device you choose to use pencil2D social media, we could make a simple app for this purpose with those app creators on the web, or use an open source social network like https://elgg.org/

The forum right now is all we have, but most people don’t have the tendency to check their email more than twice a day. Some simply don’t have the time. But I feel as a community we need some kind of real time interaction, even if it’s for a set amount of time.

What do you guys think? (I’m poking members who have been fairly active with development, reporting bugs, helped with compilation or at least contributed on github one way or another in the last 6 months, so please don’t be offended if I don’t mention you)

@chchwy @feeef @admin @jonasthomas @spark @tiber @manu @kaiko @oinkystudio @blurymind @sfepa @happydonut @mikshaw


About the facebook group, I think we still have a facebook page, but I am not sure if a “facebook-group” would be different from a “facebook-page”, I mean about the interaction among users and the use of the information already presented there.

In my opinion, the best one to go for now is to find out an application that allow users to check their emails more often than not, and getting some news, since having a computer ready to navigate is not always possible.

And in my case, I just need to have Pencil2D with the export animation feature fixed for giving me the right push to do some 2D animation since I am not good handling different software for doing what the other lack (and despite Blender3D is a very nice one I am still trying to learn it recently, so no hope for exporting images/animation from Pencil2D right now)

I noticed that when I used the link on the website it about up a IRC browser page.
When I went to freenode via chatzilla the pencil2d channel didn’t even show up.

(If we want to go the IRC route, some of my freecad buddies, have figured out how to keep the channel running)


I have notification on my phone of new emails , so all the activity here that is connected with me, reaches me fast. But in case of miscellaneous little questions i think we should use something from @morr 's list. Google or Fbook - something to be used in browser. Maybe Viber for emergency calls :slight_smile:
btw GTM+3 - it’s me :slight_smile:

I vote for Google hangouts because I don’t use FB.
GMT+2 here.

GMT+1 Western Europe here. I don’t use Facebook. We could create a new group in Linkedin, under “Open source” or “2d animation” community. Anyway, in Linkedin the real name and a protile photo are required, Avatar and nicknames aren’t welcome there.

This has been solved with the current DISCORD server and timezone.io/team/pencil2d