[SOLVED] Cannot export video

I am using pencil 0.5-4 under Linux Mate.
When I want to export, there is no other option but to export image or image sequence. As I do so, all the images are blanc.

0.5.4 is an ancient version.

Try using one of the latest nightly builds, which are available in the below link

@yoramdavid Hey David. As Summit commented earlier, v0.5.4 is ancient and unsupported nowadays, please try the latest version (23-sep-2017) for Linux. We have AppImages for that.


Please let us know if you have any issue to see how to help out.

Hello and thank you both for your input.
I installed a .tar.gz version from 14-05-2017 as I did not know what the other files were. With the file from the 14-05-2017 I can export as video as well as sequence images.

Following the last suggestion, I downloaded an Ap-image (never heard about it before), googled to know what to do with them and it also seems to work fine.

Thank you again.

@yoramdavid That’s good to know David! If you need anything else feel free to ask :slight_smile:

I actually have other questions, I’ll start a new post as it would be off subject here.