[SOLVED] 9/23/'17 what happened to it?

Okay, so I was shocked when the nightly build 9/23/'17 was gone in the GD downloads, what happened??

@chass Actually I don’t know either. It’s still there for MAC and Linux but not for Windows. It’s possible it was deleted by mistake considering builds from before July were also removed.

I have the Windows 64bit version if you need it, but I’ll have to ask the owner of the development repositories what happened.

Although to be fair, that build had an issue with the early implementation of the camera motion and exporting images, which has been fixed, among other things in October 30th version.

@Chass Sorry, I accidentally deleted it yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

@morr @chchwy luckily I backup the NBuild of that version, thanks for the info’s tho! Cheers! :smiley: