Self drawn eagle Avatar 100px

I made a new Avatar for me, with Pencil2D.

FraFra birdy

I began with 6fps but after the animation of the beak, this was too slow and i changed to 8 fps. Maybe i should change to 10 fps.

I started with the design of the eagle head. I had to correct it several times, because i am not good at drawing. When i was satisfied with the look, i copied it several times on the bitmap timeline (about 12 pics). About 5 pics for the eye and brow and the rest for the beak and the eye-brow. What should not move, should NOT be touched at all (with the eraser and the pencil).

This was made to save the look, save work and to just edit the changes (the eye, the brow and the beak). This makes it look clean and solid. switch on the onion tool with the button o .

Then delete the lines you want to change with the eraser tool. e switch back to n for drawing lines and so forth. Next pic on the timeline. Dont forget to save your hard work.