Selection tool does not work in mac 6.4 version on mac Big Sur

The selection tool shows the rectangle, but I cannot move or transform selected area. I can delete the area and it leaves the onion skin. So I have some setting wrong? Thanks for all your work.

@jerryjaksha Hi. Are you trying to move the selection content with the Move tool (black arrow) or the select tool itself?

Also make sure that you have the actual drawing layer and frame selected, otherwise it won’t work.

If you still can’t work around this, can you record a quick video of your interface when trying to move the selection? we might be able to spot any other issue that could be impeding you from moving the selection since currently this should be working fine on all versions.

On a related note, bear in mind that currently 0.6.5 has only been tested in Catalina… so there may also be an issue with Big Sur being the newest macOSX version, and in that case we have to wait for the development tools to become compatible with Big Sur as well :thinking:

@jerryjaksha Please upgrade to v0.6.5 if you really are using v0.6.4 currently. As @JoseMoreno mentioned, you need to use the move tool not the selection tool if you want to move the contents of a selection. One other thing I want to add is that clearing a selection will only clear the contents of the selection in the current frame. Other frames will not be affected by clearing a selection, so the onion skins, which are viewing of the contents of other frames, will not be affected either.

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