Rotating An Imported Image

It would’ve been great if an imported image could’ve been rotated and i don’t mean moved to the left or right but totally being able to rotate it. it’s kind of a struggle for me trying to import my characters and wanting them to face the other way without having to redo some drawing. Over All It’s An Amazing Software I’ve Made Projects Using This Beautiful Software.

HI @SaraMistarihy, and welcome.

If you mean a horizontal flip/mirroring, we have it in the ‘Display’ window. Skærmbillede 2020-05-25 kl. 06.18.31 If you want to rotate it a number of degrees, then: Ctrl+A to select All, then shift to Move tool, hold down Ctrl and drag the movetool inside the selection.

@SaraMistarihy Hi

  1. Press CTRL + A to select the imported image as a whole
  2. Go to Edit > Select > Flip X this will flip the image so it faces the opposite orientation.

What David suggested works for the whole canvas but it only affects what you see, that means when you export you will see the original orientation. This is mostly used when drawing to check for mistakes by mirroring the view. It’s not a permanent solution.

I actually meant a 360 degree rotation. it has been quit a struggle for me since i work on quick meme animations and i would prefer rotating the object instead of redrawing it. With All Respest , Sara Mistarihy

@SaraMistarihy I see. To rotate an image you can folow similar steps:

  1. Press CTRL + A to select the imported image as a whole
  2. Pick the Move Tool image
  3. Press & hold the CTRL Key and click w& drag ith the move tool inside the selection.
  4. This will allow you to rotate the drawing in any direction.

Note: Right now there is no snapping for the rotation however the upcoming version will bring discrete rotation with custom angle increments (e.g 15°, 30°, etc) this means we will be able to “snap” the rotation.

If you want interpolated or “automatic” rotation however…I’m afraid Pencil2D does not offer this feature. To have something like this you could try other free applications like Synfig, OpenToonz or TupiTube which allow you to import external images, rotate them and export an image sequence of the rotation effect and use it inside Pencil2D.

Oh My! Thank You! I’m Just A Teenager You Just Solved A Huge Struggle! I Appreciate Your Time Used On Replying Onto My Topic.

-Sincerely , Sara Mistarihy

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