Recurring Pasting bug

I’ve been sometimes getting this weird bug where an old image of mine from another Pencil file keeps popping up while working. The weirdest thing is that the tiger doesn’t even exist anymore since I continued the drawing on it’s file. I think it occurs when I either copy and paste something from another frame, or make a new frame. This has also happened with a drawing in the same Pencil file.

Something to note is that I copy and pasted a lot of frames while working on the tiger animation.

“Hey look, there’s a tiger in this room!”

@goody2shoos Hey! Yeah I already reported this a few weeks back. It is really annoying. If you’re ok with it, i’ll also reference this thread on my report so it’s more complete. What happened to me was that a drawing would continue to “exist” after closing a file and would populate whatever “blank” frame it was available, usually the first one since it’s the one that is forced to be shown by default when you open any file.

Thanks a lot for your report and your patience! Those drawings are looking great <3

@goody2shoos I forgot to say this happens only with .PCLX extension files, and not with .PCL files, so if it’s too annoying, you can try use the legacy format meanwhile :slight_smile:

Happy to help you with your other post! Btw, did you get my reply when I said I think I figured out the “unopenable file” glitch? If you save and exit out of a file with only two layers (Camera and bitmap/vertex), it won’t open again. I always delete the vertex layer, so that’s why it happened to me.

@goody2shoos Hey! No I didn’t get that, sorry! We’ve had the site down so much and I’ve been so busy that I’ve lost track of stuff. That is important info and I think I can update my other report with your info, although the lead developer commented a few days ago that he’d been able to fix that case. Once we’re allowed to test it out I’ll use this info to make double sure it’s not failing anymore. Thanks a lot! and have a great weekend :smiley: