Proposed Bug Reporting Guidelines

2016: I’ve updated the proposed bug report guidelines through my own bug tracking routine. – morr

Please try to fill the following template, whenever you report a bug to:

Github ( )

Bug Reports forum (

–Issue Overview–

Write a brief but concise description of what is happening in layman’s terms.

–Video or Image Demo–
Try to attach a screen recording (video or gif) or a series of images that will help the developers to spot the problem right away while following the “steps to reproduce” the bug. Usually mandatory for complex bugs.

–Steps to reproduce–
In here write quite literally what steps you took when the problem surfaced. If you’re not sure, try to pinpoint what steps are exactly causing the problem


  1. Open Pencil2D
  2. Select a drawing tool (i.e Pencil)
  3. Draw in Camera Layer
  4. Pencil2D Crashes
  5. (...)
--Expected Results-- Write here how you think the program or broken function should be working.


"The polyline tool should draw straight lines, not pixel blobs"

--System Information--
  • Pencil2D Build Version
  • Operative System
  • Graphics Card Specs
  • CPU Specs
  • RAM Specs
--Optional Addendum--

Pencil Debug Window Report

Note: This is for Versions of Pencil that have the DOS Window / Linux Console output enabled, and should be shared by intermediate to veteran users if possible.

When suffering from a bug that doesn’t crash pencil try to copy & paste the information that appears in the Pencil Debug Window / Linux console

Windows Crash Reports

If your Pencil crashes often you can go to:

  1. Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer
  2. On the left side pane go to Application > look for your crash report.
  3. Copy & paste the information or attach a .txt file with the report.

If @chchwy could comment this, I could setup a specific form for topics related to bugs reporting following those guidelines, when i’ll came back…

Hi, I’ve been asked to submit a bug report, but I have a problem with point 4 in the above guidelines:

4. Copy paste the pencil debug window info!

I’m using Windows XP. Please could you explain how to open and access the

pencil debug window



Ok, davidm

Since it’s an isolated issue, probably due to an exceptional OS
configuration or version, I will send you the instructions privately.


Im not to sure if my problem was worthy of a new post but sometimes ill just get on to check notifications and bam, I GOT 2, YIPPE I WONDER WHAT THEY ARE? i open it, press on the “reply” someone has given me and wow, theres no reply on the page? this happens a couple times a day >.< I just wanna see these replys O: