project won't load correctly (need help)

Hi i got a problem, previous time i asked for help it helped so i hope you will save my ass again, i’ve been working on an animation for a while and i got a problem: when i load the project all i get a a blank pencil file, i’ve never had that kind of problem but i have experienced problems when using big animation files (crashes etc…), also if it might help there are bitmap format pictures in the folder (wanted to state it since i have not seen it happen on other folders),more extra info: it happend after i made massive coloring which often crashes and slows the program but i never had a problem like that.

i would really appriciate help, it would save me a lot of time and nerves if it would be fixed as quickly as possible.

what is being loaded the actual project formats

also i tried to delete the bitmap pictures and load it without them, it failed so i restored the pictures back when they belong


@anim8or51 Hey. I’m sorry for your problem. We’ve found out relatively recently that Pencil does that to huge files. I compiled a bunch of cases for the developer to review as a report, but I am afraid my only advice here is that you work each “cut” on a separate file from now on.

Right now it’s impossible to recover wiped files unless you had a previous “save”

Pencil2D right now can’t handle animations bigger than 100 frames without getting some heavy stability issues. It seems this has happened ever since this program was created, but with each passing release the problem has become worse. I’ve also heard about people on tumblr that have had this program crashed after coloring as well.

Good thing in your case you got a soft wipe, since I see the drawings in your folder are still there and working. DON’T ERASE THEM!!! Copy that folder to other places, because there are weird cases where the folder is also corrupted and without them the animation will be completely lost.

The problem here is that if you didn’t save an earlier version, you’ll have to recreate your animation from the ground up…

I suggest that everytime you’re going to do either a) a new set of frames past the 100th or b) color a massive animation you save an additional backup copy of both the pencil.pcl file PLUS the .data folder in a DIFFERENT place. Because Pencil WILL crash eventually.

I would recommend using a different software to compile the drawings and try to reposition them as best as possible to get your animation back again, then continue working on small cuts in pencil to complete it.

For other free animation software to do this fast maybe try Synfig ( or Tupi (

Both have more advanced transformation tools than Pencil, however their drawing tools are not as good, and they are vector only.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will be more cautious in the future, I will try to restore the file by manipulating or I will just have to recreate it

My project started randoly loading and i couldnt do anything. The wierd thing is that it was very small, only 12 frames and it still wont let me click anything