Project saves compatibility 0.5.4, nightly build 2016 and future

Does anyone know if there are changes being made to the way projects are saved. I don’t want to open and change my current projects under Pencil2D 0.5.4 in Nightly build 2016 and discover I cannot go back to 0.5.4 because of changes to saving mechanism.

Thank you for your answer in advance.

@chihwahli Currently the Nightly Build saves in two types of filetypes. The “legacy” filetype is .PCL which is the one that version 0.5.4 uses. The newer filetype is .PCLX

The different between both is that while the PCL is saved there’s also an accompanying folder that saves every “RAW” elements inside. On the contrary the PCLX stores and compresses it inside a single file. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but you can save interchangeably between both, so don’t worry.

If you want a more detailed write up on these types of files head to our FAQ: