Problems with Polyline and File New

I was playing around with the latest build… Wow… things have gotten much less irritating… Much more stable in basic functions.

One critter that remains is if your in bitmap polyline mode and do a file->new things get all screwy… I’m not sure if this is documented in the issue list. If not I can create a small video to doc.

@jonasthomas Please do, chances are that particular behaviour has not been documented, and I think your layer video was clear enough, and which also shows that weird behaviour that wasn’t happening before.

I’m thinking after the “layer stack order” reversal that was performed several PR’s ago, some place around that code the layer management got chewed, hence the issues. The previous behaviour as I recall made it so the top-most layer was actually being shown last on the canvas and below other layers. Also adding a layer would insert it as the last layer, that is, being effectively displayed on top of every other in the canvas.

Going back to the Polyline Tool, I can only test up to the nightly build windows binary that Matt released about 2 weeks ago, so It might be possible this was introduced by other changes in code to the Polyline tool (which we all know it’s been a bother alright).

Either way thanks for all the hard work! And I’m glad to hear things are improving with the app so far!

Yah, I got the pull down thing fixed as well as the scroll bar… (I didn’t know about that one since I use a marble mouse that doesn’t have a middle mouse mapped).

I had some problems with my pull request… I did a git cherry-pick to merge the individual commit from my bugFix branch into the master branch, canceled my original pull request and re-submitted.
(I think you’ll like the next build…)

I just had a quick look tonight so I can’t say for sure I need another test but I felt that something happened with the Pen tool. I just couldn’t get the pressure sensitivity to work. Yes it reacted to pressure but not in the way it used to. Anyone noticed the same?