Problems with onion skin feature

I uploaded an unlisted youtube video: about my problem and I think I’m doing something wrong with the onion skin but with every tutorial I’ve seen, it seems that each frame should have an onion skin of the one before… Thank you in advance! ^^;;;

@dragon752kat Give me a few minutes and i’ll make another video to help you out :slight_smile:

@dragon752kat Shucks, it seems that this is actually a bug. I did the video but i’ll write the same here in text.

For some reason having a layer with a color blocks the active layer onion skin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So it seems that while I report this and developers look a way to fix it, you would have to work your animation while hiding the background color layer and once you’re going to export your animation you can enable it.

Since I saw you were using a white-ish color to animate, for now, you can go to edit > preferences > general > background section > and use the “greyish” bg representation which won’t obstruct your onion skin.

Thank you so much again!