pokemon go

the first animation that took me over 5 hours (honestly i think i worked on it more than 30 hours) hope you will enjoy my video

Hi @anim8or51

I DO believe that your animation took you more than 30 hours to be finished… it is very complex and has got some very good camera angles. Very nice.

Was it ALL done with Pencil2D?

You are probably right, there are certain parts that took me 5 hours, and other that took only 30 minutes… And they were all made in movie maker and pencil 2d

Okay, I’m impressed. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but it made me laugh. The concept of taking the Pokemon intro and remaking with smarthones is great comedy. I like the part where he runs out of pokeballs and throws his phone.

I’m still not sure why there’s a helicopter crash, though.

Hatching eggs on a chopper, not looking very carefully and colliding with a building

@anim8or51 Cool beans man! keep up the great work :slight_smile: