Please help me with onionskins

Downloaded pencil today, and I tried to animate, but I couldn’t figure out the onion skin. I haven’t been using the button on the time line, I have been using the buttons in display. I am not sure what I’m doing wrong, I’ll send a picture if it helps. There is supposed to be white writing showing.

@jeofi Hi. Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Hmm, this is not normal actually. Even with a fullly opaque picture the onion skin should show. Can you send the file over so I can take a quick look?

If you can zip it and upload it here directly, or if it’s too big then use either a google drive, dropbox, or wetransfer link to share the file.

Edit: Also, onion skin only works on the currently selected layer, it does not work over multiple layers yet (this is a known issue and devs are aware of its importance)

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