Please add Brazilian Portuguese to the OneSky platform

Hello, everyone

I saw there’s a platform where Pencil2D is being translated, but portuguese isn’t in the list. Can someone add it please?



@o_locas Hi Lucas, we would love to add Brazilian Portuguese to the translations, but the problem is that none of the volunteers (as far as I know) know portuguese of any kind.

I mean I kind of can say “eu nao flo muito portugues” and that’s about it. If you know someone with a great fluency between english and brazilian portuguese, they can contribute in the OneSky platform.

Right now translations are being accepted, but they have not been yet implemented, so there’s still time to get as many translations as possible :slight_smile:


Well, I do.

@o_locas Ah good then. If you’re the one that is going to contribute then I believe you have to create a Onesky account at the same link of the translation project:

I’m not the owner of the project so we’ll have to ask him to add new translations, however that might take some time. Pmce the language is added I think you can go in and update it as you see fit!.

For now we’ll have to be a bit patient. Anyhow thank you for helping us with this! every effort counts :slight_smile:

@chchwy Hey Matt, is it possible for you to add a Brazilian Portuguese language to the OneSky platform?, I can’t seem to do it since I’m not owner. Thanks.

If there’s any other way to add the translation let me know :slight_smile:

@morr, @o_locas

Portuguese (Brazil) is ready, thanks for your contribution :smiley: