Pencil2D Patreon


I am a big fan of Pencil as it is a great learning tool to teach people animation and to use for personal use. Pencil2D seams like a great fork of the software.

I was wondering if their is any idés to fun the project via Patreon. As many projects turn to websites like Patreon where people can fund them.

I knoew that Krita is now having another kickstarter campain to fund Krita v3.1 and one of the new addition that is going to be added in Krita 3.1 is animation.
I think their is a place for a simple animation software like Pencil2D even if more advanced software like Krita is doing animation soon. So I think it’s important to make it simple for people to help fund projects like this.

I already patronize (?) a handful of Youtube channels and webcomics. It would be easy to throw this project into the mix.