Pencil2D crashes every time I modify or play my animation

So I’ve animated 1573 frames, and yesterday when I tried to play the animation or modify it in any way, it would crash. Does anyone know why this would be happening?
I’ve tried redownloading version 0.5.4, and I tried using version 0.4.4, still doesn’t work.


I just tried loading a backup version, half of the layers aren’t working properly.

@bottlecappizza Hey, sorry to haar you’re having issues. Pencil2D has issues when handling more than a couple hundred frames. Mainly this depends on your own RAM size, however beyond 200+ frames Pencil2D 0.5.4b became unstable and a lot of people have had crashes and worse, entire animation files wiped.

The thing I’ve noticed is that when you open a file, Pencil will cache / load all the images into your RAM memory, so basically the higher the frame count, the higher the RAM size Pencil2D will use all the time.

Before you do anything new, PLEASE backup the files and related folders for your animation, or you might lose the whole thing.

Now, please try out the latest development update with a backup file and see if it opens properly. You can download the Nightly Build here:

If by any means you can’t open it again, or you notice your work is missing, please upload your file to a hosting service so our lead developer @chchwy can take a look.

If you can open it, I’d suggest creating a new File to continue with your animation. Try to work one file per shot and read this FAQ entry about preventing crashes meanwhile we manage to fix Pencil2D.

@morr Thank you! I was able to open the animation using the nightly build! :slight_smile:

Encountered a bug with the nightly build, I can’t export the animation, it goes to 99% and then it ‘finishes’. When it does work it’ll show a message saying ‘would you like to open the animation?’ when I try to export it with my particular project it won’t show that message, and there will be no mp4 clip of the animation. I’ve tried exporting it in different formats, but it just isn’t working :confused: