Pencil2D Animation

it wont download <3 <3 <3

@daylight Did you go to ?

Try clearing the cache by pressing CTRL + F5 on Pencil2D’s website then attempt to download again from the appropriate links.

If it doesn’t allow you to download from this site, it is possible your ISP or even your country has been blocked by the service provider (Github), this could be due to United States related sanctions or due to a region IP block. Unfortunately these are things that are beyond our control.

In such case you can also try using the Opera browser which comes with an included VPN and see if this works for you (you’ll need to review tutorials on how to activate it though)

If you still can’t download after trying again from the website using the free VPN via Opera, let us know and we’ll review other alternatives so you can access the software in due time.

If Github is blocked by whatever, you can also use our mirror download option:

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