Pencil Wont open?

Hello Pencil community.

I have a Mac laptop and have recently downloaded pencil 2d. But when i try to open it it says " Pencil cannot be opened because of a problem: Check with the developer to make sure Pencil works with this version of OS X. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available for the application and OS X"

So i removed Pencil from my laptop and nstalled it again and i got the same problem. For the time being im using the recent version of Pencil for Windows and openin it using Wine. But is there any way i can use Pencil for Mac.

Hi, @montserrat_martinez

Thanks for reporting, Did it happen in the 0.5.4b official release?

Could you try the latest nightly build for Mac OS X, and tell me it’s ok or not?


Hello @Matt Chang

The latest build did work, im not having the problem. The download i used was the one from the download page.

Thanks @montserrat_martinez

I replaced the broken file in the download pages.
Could you confirm that the file in the download pages is a workable pencil2d now?

@Matt Chang

Yes the link in the download page works now