Pencil Nightly Build won't export anything.

I use a windows 8 system, and no matter how may times I try, it always fails to export images in sequences, or individually. jpg always ends up in white, and png always ends up in black. I like the nightly build, but was disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t export. Does anyone have a solution to this?

@klydeoscope Bear in mind that Nightly Builds are unstable versions of the program that developers get out so users can test new features, so I’d suggest using the “most” stable version that you can download here:

With that said, if you’re helping to test the nightly builds, Thank you. It would be nice to have a report on your computer specs as well as to mention the version of the nightly build, which you can find in the Help Menu > About Dialog > On it’s title it should say something like Pencil2D - Nightly Build (Month)(Day)(Year)

Also, remember that Pencil has a transparent background by default, so whenever you export an image you have to create a new layer and fill it with colour below the lines (Pencil’s layer order is inverted so the top most layer is actually the one that’s on the bottomt of the stack) because if you export as png you’ll get no obvious visible lines.

If you’ve drawn several frames and still can’t export succesfully after making a background, try to look for a folder with the same name of your .PCL file, located next to it (e.g., inside that folder you’ll have the drawn frames saved as individual .PNG files, which will have the it’s size cropped to the actual bounds of the drawing. You can think of them as the true “raw” drawings that pencil use to organize the animation file.

Now the behaviour of the exporter might be corrupted but feeef said he had already fixed it, so it would help us to know what Pencil2D version you’re using. Thank you for your time.

@feeef I wanted to ask you how can we have the DOS dialog back in the Nightly builds? (the black screen window with Pencil commands that appears on version 0.5.4b) This could help for further debugging if used correctly, but I don’t know if you or @chchwy are using it on your end.