Pencil cannot read this file - Nov 2nd dev build

‘Pencil cannot read this file, if you want to import images, use the command to import’ - Nov 02 nightly build

I cannot load my save file anymore, when I try, this happens ^

@bottlecappizza Hey, sorry to hear you’re having issues. Sadly for this problem to be investigated we would require a copy of your save file. Also to know if it’s a .PCLX kind of file (you can know this by the file extension) or if it’s a .PCL file.

If it’s the latter you also need to send over the associated data folder. Now it’s also important to let us know if this file comes from a previous version or if it was created in the Nightly Build. Let us know as well how did this problem manifest? It was your first time loading the file and the thing failed to load, or you managed to load it a lot but then one day you couldn’t?

All I can do is try to trouble shoot through these questions and if you send your file(s) over I can take a look to see if it can be recovered by opening it on other versions I have which helped on a similar problem.

I’ll tag @chchwy who’s the lead developer to see if he can help you further if it’s a technical issue. But for now we’re pending your files and checking them out does not guarantee that they can be recovered, but we will try.

@morr Yes it is a PCLX file, it was created in the nightly build. I was able to load my save file a lot, then this problem occurred.