Pencil 2D drawing tab/window not popping up

So, the black window with some code and reports pops up but the other window that contains the actual program doesnt. It thinks that its there if you hover over the icon on the task bar, but clicking on it doesnt do anything.

@nathan_lewry Since you speak of a black window I’m assuming you have version 0.5.4b. This windows is called the “console” and it gives you relevant information about how Pencil operates. It’s meant only for develoeprs and it has been removed in updated versions.

Since the program is not popping up I’m assuming your have a MAC. so please try to use a Nightly Build for your current operative system.

Nightly builds are development & experimental versions that are updated but not entirely stable, however I encourage you to use it to see if any problems you have with the current version have been solved with the newer one.

Please download the relevant Nightly Build below:

Note: I’m leaving two versions because I just assumed you had a MAC, it would be nice if you could dispel my assumptions and let us know which version of pencil you have and which operative system you have as well.