Parts in my animation are erased but still there?

HEY GUYS if you know how to help, reply ASAP because this is a school project that’s due like this week!
So on my animation, I erased some things with the select tool, and later I put them back.
Whenever I play my animation it still shows those spaces as empty background, but when I look at the frames, the piece is still there.

Stuff I draw on top of it is visible, but I don’t want to redraw some thing so detailed!

@Thinker109 Hi. Please share your file along a screenshot of the problem so one of the devs can review your issue.

To share the file you can use our sharing system in the following address:

Note: Don’t tick on the “Make my work public” checkbox, that way it will be only visible to the Pencil2D team

@Thinker109 It would also be helpful to know what version you are using. As a workaround, you could go to the menu and select Export > Image… while on the problem frame(s). Check the saved image to make sure that it did export the part you want; it may or may not depending on the issue. If that works, then you can clear the frame and import the image. If it does not work, then you can can take a screenshot of the program and then import that.