PAP's Indiegogo campaing

A similar piece of software to pencil2d has recently started an indiegogo campaign. They are charging people for software trials

I think that if pencil2d does something similar to krita, it will be very successful!!

Yeah, they are good… The project seems really nice.
To bad it’s not opensource. Really, it’s too bad !

I’m not sure we could (yet) succeed in such a campaign as there is no precise plans about Pencil2D and only one developper working actively on it.
I would love to see that happens, but we would need a precise roadmap and precise objectives…

The new PAP looks very nice. And really hope there will be a Pencil2D campaign one day. We have small community but maybe other open-source projects will support us.

Tupi making it too -

if we could find a good developer to hire to work full time…

I mean synfig is doing it quite successfuly !!