Onion Skin

Hi there im new and i am trying to make a simple anymation with a duck anyway i just wanted to ask is there anyway to make the onion skin to 1 frame eg

i mean not 5 of them 1 only it will be a lot of usefull for me

@ge0rgetheviking Hi George, yes it’s possible and easy.

To increase or decrease the amount of frames that your onion skin reach you have to go to Edit > Preferences > Tools > and then decrease the “Number of previous onion frames shown” to 1. You can do the same for the keyframes after the current frame.

In the future this will be easier to do from the timeline, but for now this is the procedure. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

@ge0rgetheviking Also I noticed you are using a really old version of Pencil2D. I highly encourage you to use the latest Nightly Build for windows pencil2d-win64-2017-08-06.zip which you can find here for 64 bits:


This build brings a lot of stability to Pencil2D, and some improvements on the drawing front. There are still some quirks and bugs leftover but it is a highly functional build to work with.

@Jose Moreno
OMG I download the first thing that i saw!And now i am cunterly downloading the lastest now ty oh btw im using x32 no x64 anyway you are a god!

Thank you it worked for me