Onion Skin Problems

Hi! I recently started to use pencil2D again and have downloaded the new version v0.6.2 for mac. (i have high sierra version 10.13.16)

currently, I have issues with the onion skins as the onion skin of past frames is very faint and hard to see even if I change the preferences of its opacity to 100%.

The future onion skin is not showing at all when it is active as well. do you guys happen to know what is going on?


  • both buttons are active, but still exhibit problem
  • colored onion skins of both are active
  • use preferences to change min and max opacity settings to no avail
  • future onion layers are not shown even if switched on and off
  • did delete and redownloaded app and still exhibit problem
  • and old version of pencil I accidentally opened instead showed no signs of the problem

I have tested it on my mac, and the onion skin reacts fine here.
I don’t use the 0.6.2 though. Version 0.6.2 has some issues, so we recommend to download the latest nightly build, and use it in stead.
Version 0.6.3 is just around the corner, so the latest nightly build is a de facto Release Candidate for 0.6.3.

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Thank you! I got the new download and its working fine now! :smile: