Onion skin opacity

so. i’m brand new to animating. i tried lowering my onion skin opacity but it stayed the same, and i don’t even know if i’m properly applying it. do i have to erase the onion skin from the previous frame after i draw what i need on the current one or am i doing it wrong

@asterphobia: It all depends on how many frames are shown before and after the frame you work on, and what you have set as minimum and maximum opacity.
An example: I you have seven drawings, and you show the three previous and three next frames with onion skin, and you have 50% and 30% as maximum and minimum, then the following will happen: The frames next to the active frame will be shown with 30% transparency, the next will have 40% and the outermost frames will have 50% transparency. The longer away from the active frame, the more transparent.
Try the settings while you look at the onion skins.
Good luck!