Onion skin doesnt work and when i make a new frame

i make a new frame and it just copies the image, then i erase it to draw the next frame and no onion skin, and the first frame is deleted instead.

@chosenplayer Hey. This is because Pencil2D has different behaviors for drawing creation. By default it’s programmed to always consider the previous drawing when you’re drawing on an empty frame, but this is only when your playback scrub header (the red vertical bar in the timeline) is on an empty frame.

You can change this behavior by going to the menu EDIT > PREFERENCES > TIMELINE > And selec the (o) “Create new (blank) keyframe” option

To create a BLANK drawing container / keyframe regardless of behavior you press the (+) plus button or go to menu ANIMATION > ADD FRAME

To understand how onion skin works and how to change onion skin preferences please read this picture guide about the onion skin: Pencil 2D FAQ (now open)