October 7 2013 build

I downloaded the build and had some issues compiling.


  1. math.h pow method “more than one instances matches…” and "pow has 6 similar conversions"
    easy fix:
    added f (for float) to the 2.0 param.

  2. smudgeTool KeyRelease and KeyPress are bool, but don’t return a value.

// return true if handled

bool SmudgeTool::keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *event) …
bool SmudgeTool::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *event) …

I returned true;

Also, the original bug for exporting where framereminder is set to the modulus and is zero (divide by zero error) is still there.

Quick Fix - check for zero

{if (*frameReminder>0) {
*framePutEvery = fps / *frameReminder; *frameSkipEvery = 0;
else {
*framePutEvery = 1; *frameSkipEvery = 0;

Thanks for the smudge tool, I’ve been wanting this for awhile.

Much appreciated

Thank you so much @nekogaijin , you did a great work.

@chchwy : is the original link (in the first post) still correct ?

@gordie, I think the link works.

Thanks, @nekogaijin. I’ll correct it as soon as possible.

@nekogaijin, All fixes has applied to the lasted source code, thanks a lot.