No sound on my video

When i tried to export my video, no sound came with it, am I doing something wrong? This is kind of urgent and if anyone responded quickly it would be really helpful, thanks!

Thanks for doing the screen recording that is helpful. First go to Help > About and make sure that you are using v0.6.4 of Pencil2D, there were some issues with sound export in older versions. If you are not using v0.6.4, then upgrade and try again. If you are, then please share your project file with us and we can try and export it for your and locate the issue. You can’t upload the files directly to the forum, but you can use a file hosting service like Google Drive, MEGA, or WeTransfer to host your file and share the link with us here or via a private message.

Here it is. If I did something wrong sharing it I’ll fix it asap.

Alright, here’s the exported video with sound: I don’t know what the issue is, it exports fine for me. It’s probably an issue specific to Windows. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully we’ll be able to find and fix the issue for the next release.

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