[News] Pencil2D Changing Translation Platform

Hello friends of Pencil2D,

I understand that you have contributed to the translation of Pencil2D’s interface in the past, and It has come to my attention that Pencil2D has migrated it’s translation platform from OneSky to Transifex very recently. This is to guarantee a more modern framework and integration with the source code, so we apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.

You can visit the project URL on the Transifex translation platform here: https://www.transifex.com/pencil2d/pencil2d/

Chinese @chchwy + ?
Italian ITA @mattia_rizzolo
French FRA @tiber
Portuguese POR @kaiko / BRA @o_locas
Spanish SPA morr / kaiko / tiber
Danish DAN @candyface
Japanese JAP @yuueda
German DEU @misc
Swedish SWE @manu
Russian mcallentimothy, Alex Malyshev, Már Fleinmarar
Hungarian Péter Gábor (on github)
Czech pafri (on github)

Thank you for always supporting the project with your input. Pencil2D has evolved during this past year and hopefully you have some time to visit the site once we release the new version. I wish you well and take care.


I am not able to edit/approve the translation/words still pending on transifex…

Do you know something about this?

@kaiko I’m afraid not. @chchwy and @j5lx are the admins on transifex. I have no control over it right now. Hopefully they can answer you in a better way that I can :slight_smile:

@kaiko what’s your account on Transifex?


User name is kaikogf (I noticed that they do not make any differentiation with capital letters)


[@morr: Can you look at this “issue” when you have time?: when trying to LogIn here, the page doesn’t show that I was logged successfully. I have to close firefox and reopen it in order for it to show it was OK] Thanks

@kaiko Do you mean you don’t see yourself logged in pencil2d.org? it has happened to me before.

Perhaps clearing the cache of the browser will fix it. However it has happened to me when I have several pencil2d pages open without being logged in, and then logging into one, the others won’t update.

I’m afraid it must be a problem with how the site cookies are being handled, however I have no control over that :frowning:

Don’t worry though, soon we’ll be changing forums to a more modern platform, so these kind of issues will diminish.


The thing is that despite being able to login and selecting different languages (Spanish/Portuguese) I am still not able to “review” phrases on the "DESKTOP ENTRY
(by the way there are 4 entries that I am not able to “review” since I do not know how to save my review. I checked the Transifex translators and @chchwy has already added me as one so it can be an issue of myself not liking the Transifex site! :wink:

The same occurs with the QT Pencil: about 539 words for reviewing

@kaiko I have not used Transifex yet, so I don’t quite understand what is the issue you are having. I’m a bit busy these days so I think chchwy is the only one who can help solve your issues right now. However there must be some kind of youtube videotutorial to help guide you on how to edit the words, but i’m afraid I don’t know much about this either. Anyway, merry christmas and happy holidays!


No hay problema. Solo quise anunciar mi situación pues es Mark quien tiene que ver este asunto claro