New loop feature


I’m working on a new feature for looping in the timeline.

Struggling a bit with Qt. Not to familiar with the architecture of the code. It’s a lot of lines of code before you even start to code the proper function.

Hope i get it working soon.

That sounds really cool and helpful, I wish you luck.

Hi, @martin_luke

Do you have a develop branch on Github ?


thanks @tbremise i think i’m getting there!

@chchwy i have my branch at

But for the moment i haven’t uploaded my edits to the repo.

I started by adding three widget. One button to enable the “loopControl” and two SpinButtons for the start and end of the loop. I initialized all the variables and connected them. Most of it was copying all the existing loop function and the FPS spinbutton.

Now i have to edit the play function in the editor.


Great, @martin_luke

I’ll keep in watching it. Ask me anything about code architecture.

Well i’m making my way through it but i must admit i wass pretty surprised by the way it all sets up. But i had a pretty good help with existing code.

I will update it iff you want. Even if for the moment my different variables don’t do anything. But according to the debbuger my button is connected to a bool corectly. And the spinbuttons value is updated properly. I didn’t get the play function to follow the indications of the loopcontrol. But i guess i have to study more precicely the play function. I think it’s quite tricky.

I might even make the loopcontrol play and loop all by it’s self and not mess with the play function. For a start it might bee easier!

Allright ! Almost there. The Play function needed one more variable step. It’s like you never finish adding layers of abstraction x=int x =>connect to signal set/click/toggle/check X=> int X = X, Int Xs = X. What next!?




Ok it’s a bit ruff… Not polished or what but its more or less working. Needs a couple a extra rules to make nice and clean. But there you go!


the repo is up to date you can give it a look!

Sorry double post but can’t edit my previous post…