My little suggestions

  • text
  • bone animation

@panin1949vova Thank you for your suggestions. We are aware of the need for text and will hopefully begin working on that by the end of the year. As for bone animation, that will probably never happen. Pencil2D is mainly geared towards hand drawn animation and it’s meant as a foundational step for novice animators or traditional animators that want to work without hassle.

We also want Pencil2D to be able to export to other software like Harmony, Opentoonz or Synfig so you can continue or finish your animation work using more robust software specifically created for that.

If you want a free solution to create bone animation look into Synfig or Opentoonz which have rigging capabilities with bone systems. You can also try using the DUIK open source plugin with Adobe Ater Effects (paid)

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