My latest animation : Tank's grand day out

hi everyone, here’s an animation i made during my free time , using pencil 2D of course :wink:
hope you like it, tell me what you think anyway


@doryfor Hey, long time no see. Glad to know you’re still around. Thank you for sharing. It Looks super good! Would you mind If we shared it on twitter and facebook? Link here your respective handles if you want us to use them on each site. We hope to see more of your work!

Hey, glad to see you too :wink: id be very happy if you post my stuff on pencils twitter and fb! I dont have any handles or fb though. I am still active and hope to be for a long time with pencil, but progress is slow bc university takes up alot of my time now :stuck_out_tongue:

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@doryfor I found this handle on twitter: but if that’s not you then we can just link to your youtube channel. No problem

i never use that twitter handle but maybe i should. you can put both youtube and twitter ,thanks !

@doryfor Woah! This is amazing; Keep up the good work!


For the background do you just copy paste copy paste copy paste if you know youll be using that “scene” for 1-30 frames???

@Napkin Pencil2D has an automatic exposure system, so you can have a single image of a background on a different layer that spans those 30, or more, frames, and you only need to draw it once. IF the background changes perspective then you do have to draw it frame by frame, unless you use a 3D background made outside of Pencil2D and import the images as if you were importing a sequence for reference.

On top of it you can have your characters being animated on a separate layer, and you can have layers for effects or other things you want.

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