My first Pencil2d animation

Hi everyone!

I was first acquainted with pencil in around 2009. I was very happy to see recently that it has undergone so much development. The look and feel, as well as the stability now make it a very nice and intuitive program, perfect for ‘simple’ animations.

Below is a short animation I made. It was made for a friend who has (in my opinion) an extremely small kitchen where she is somehow able to do all of her chores. roos

I want to give a shoutout to this pull request, I personally would really enjoy getting more control over the timeline. The possibility to create small loops or copy selections of frames is a must-have, in my opinion. Perhaps this is already implemented in some nightly build?

I’m very interested to keep following the development of pencil2D!


ps.: For anyone inerested, I think this was my very first animation ever, made with pencil:


Way better than my first animation

Perhaps this is already implemented in some nightly build?

It is not in the nightly builds currently. When the PR is merged, then it will be included in the next nightly build, which should be generated within an hour of being merged. Given that it has already been reviewed by two people, it could end up being merged quite soon.

Thanks, looking forward to it!

well I doubt that ;) what’s your first?

My first true animation was a character flinching… it was animated at I think 12fps and it was really quick and choppy

I’ve improved much due to practice

That’s how it’s done :+1: