My Animation so far in Pencil (NBUILD 8/22/'17)

Nice work. Timings are a bit off at certain parts. Its awesome though, and I am here who has only animated a flour sack -_-

THanks! and I saw your work too! it was smooth and alive! my skills in animating are still dull tho.

I would suggest looking into spacing and timing for animation. There will be some YouTube videos explaining that. It will definitely give an oomph to the animations.

@chass You’re off to a great start! If you want to improve it later on, consider thinking how the weight of the characters makes them react to the ground and to add more anticipation to certain actions.

For example when the Skull dude is going to teleport-jump at the beginning. A bit of anticipation can make him feel as having weight, and it will be much more impactful when he teleports since anticipation is also used to prepare the audience for something that has yet to come.

A related example towards the end is how the same dude is preparing to punch the shield.

In such cases when there’s a lot of anticipation, you can introduce a bit of contrast in your timing and spacing. Like If the dude winds up a lot, this will take time. But when he unleashes the blow, it needs to be really fast.

I counted about 4 drawings before he hits the shield. But they look slow because the winding action was done in a different cut and the distance between the position of the fist is done very close to each other which gives the sensation of slowing instead of accelerating.

However this can be solved by having him strike a more dynamic pose and winding the punch a bit more in that cut before he ultimately releases the strike. With only one of the smear drawings that favors the key and another one that hits the shield you can give a feeling of speed, and you could also use an impact frame (differently colored frame) or a camera shake to emphasize the strength when the shield is hit.

Anyway hope to see more of your work, cool stuff!

wait, you can actually make the camera shake?! I can’t even do the Camera move to certain views where I wanna view it… Dayum, gotta love this software!

@chass Hey man, well, actually in the old version you could move and animate the camera. Devs had to remove this option to fix a lot of stuff that went bonkers. Right now the lead developer is fixing the camera again so we can restore that functionality. So In future releases (probably 0.7) we will have that enabled. If you really can’t wait to use it, I’m going to make a tutorial on how you could actually do that, without waiting and without using other software, but it’s going to take some tinkering with the older versions (and lots of patience).

I honestly would use a compositing software after exporting the footage. But I hope the possible solutions I provide are helpful, at least to open your mind to new ideas. Take care keep up the great work.

The artwork is excellent.