Movie export

Hello i cant export in movie format,i have pc with windows 7 64 bit,any help,thanks.

The last time i installed Pencil2D on Windows (32-bit WinXP virtual machine) i had to add ffmpeg in order to export video. I’m guessing you’ll want the 64-bit static version, although i don’t recall there being separate static/dynamic packages when i installed it.

Make a directory called “plugins” in the Pencil2D directory, and drop ffmpeg.exe into that. If it doesn’t work, my secondary computer is a 64-bit Windows 7 system that i have yet to install Pencil2D on…i can try to figure out what the problem is with that next time i boot it up.

Ok i try that,thanks

Hello i have downloaded the file you sayd me.Now i have these subfolders:bic,doc,licenses,presets,ff-prompt,readme.I have tried to put the principal folder to the plugin folder you sayd,it doesnt export nothing.Or i should put in the plugin folder one of these subfolders?

The static version means that all the necessary code to run the program is statically linked to the executable (all included in one file), so if you have the static version, all you need is the one file called ffmpeg.exe (it will be in the bin folder). Copy that one file into the plugins directory.

As i said, i did this with an earlier version of windows, as well as an earlier version of pencil and ffmpeg, so things might have changed since. Please let me know if it doesn’t work, and i’ll try to figure out another solution.

The last i knew, there was an intent to eventually recode the Pencil2D video export into something that doesn’t require external programs, but i’m not sure what the status of development is right now.

I did but now the program freeze when i try to export in movie format,all the options.

I put ffmpeg.exe in the plugins folder, but it still says that it’s not there. What should I do?

@chisaikitsune Hi thank you for trying out the program. Allow me to state that video export and import is broken in version 0.5.4b and has been disabled to look for a way to improve it in the upcoming version.

For now I’d suggest you read our FAQ to understand how to deal with this in each case. Look for both entries on importing and exporting videos.

Also please watch one of the videotutorials that we put up there so you can learn how to export an image sequence with your animation from Pencil2D to create a video using another program with minimum effort. You can choose between Shotcut, or Blender, the latter is suggested as it explains briefly how to bring sound into the final video.

For now this is the only temporary solution that was both painless and fast for anyone using free software. We’ll try to upload another tutorial on how to create GIF’s with an open-source program in the future meanwhile we incorporate that functionality.

Thank you for your time and patience, if you have any other question please let us know :slight_smile:

@morr Hey, I have found another program that easily helps create avi files from image sequences. But it can only do that part, it isn’t any kind of a video editor or anything, but it helps to create a video file out of the image sequences from Pencil2d.

Anyways, its called image J, here is the link:

The steps are simple,File>Import>import image sequence. Then once they are imported, File>Save As> avi. Then you select the fps, and then the compression(jpeg/png/lossless) and then it will export to avi format. If you want, I can create a small video tutorial for it as well. The steps are easy though as I have explained.

@sumit_makwana That sounds great. I’ll test it later and then add it to the FAQ entry for exporting videos. Thanks!